Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4, 3, 5, so far this week

So it's Wednesday and I've logged 12 miles so far this week. Feels great to be back out on the road! But at the same time it feels strange not training for a marathon or something. If I could train for a marathon all the time, I would but it's too hard with the kids being small. And.......we are wanting to be pregnant again. Yes, we want a 4th! Mentally I see myself pregnant this year instead of training for marathons but still trying to maintain my fitness so maybe I can run while pregnant. I know how tired I am usually in pregnancy so it doesn't seem possible but maybe I can try.

Yes, I am back but trying to figure out what running looks like for me right now. I am usually an all or nothing gal and running without an actual race on the calendar is sooooooo hard for me but I am trying.

5 miles today was great and it was 64 degrees! I loved the sweat and the dryed salt on my face afterwards. I loved the feel of my muscles being tight and my lungs burning a little from the wind. And I LOVED opening up a power aid zero and gulping it!

Feels so good to be back!


  1. Amanda I ran through two of my pregnancies and it was great. I found it to be such a wonderful experience for both me and baby. I hope it will work out.

  2. How exciting to be planning another baby! And good job on those runs!